Honing Machine

Mu-Tools machine Mµ-HS1 single spindle and Mµ-HS2 double spindle are high precision honing machines suitable for small and large series.

Mµ-HS1 single spindle and Mµ-HS2 double spindle

Mµ-HS2 Mu-Tools

Honing range from 0.6 mm to 80 mm diameter. QR code transmission of detailed honing information directly into the program. Analysis of the data of each tool to restore the state of wear. Expansion system integrated in the spindle. Recovery of torque, heat and current data for analysis of forces between tool and material. Honing movement performed by a table coupled to a linear motor. Possibility of setting several honing strokes at different positions in the same program. Mechanical or pneumatic workpiece clamping systems. Simple and intuitive parameterisation. Safe settings. Synchronicity between all axes and high repeatability. Camera option to record the setting of the position(s) and the position of the lubrication pipes.

>> Download the full description Mµ-HS1 (pdf)
>> Download the full description Mµ-HS2 (pdf)

Mµ-HS1 single spindle

Mµ-HS2 double spindle

Technical characteristics

  • Length (mm): 1800
  • Width (mm): 1000
  • Height (mm): 1700
  • Weight (Kg): 900
  • Floor surface (m2): 1.8
  • Minimum air pressure (bar): 5.5
  • Power supply: 400V AC — 50Hz
  • Multifunction touch screen control: 15 ‘’
  • Honing range (mm): Ø 0.6 — 80 mm
  • Spindle height (mm): 130
  • Spindle speed (tr/min): 0 — 8000
  • Standard spindle motor torque (Nm): 11.4
  • Max. stroke length (mm): 350
  • Max. honing length (mm): 200
  • Max. table oscillation speed (m/s): 1.9
  • Light: Led
  • Oil tank (l): 120
  • Filtering tissue ( ): 10-15
  • Colours (Ral): White RAL 9010/ Black RAL 7016/ Green RAL 6038

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