Going back in time

How HJB became Mu-Tools

Back in 1947, Mr Henri Juillerat founded HBJ Henri Juillerat Bôle, in Bôle (Switzerland). This is in the canton of Neuchâtel. The company specialised in the manufacture of micrometric expandable diamond honing tools and honing machines.

In 1984, HJB SA merged with PEMAMO SA to enable the distribution of its quality products worldwide. During this period, the honing tools produced by HJB SA were marked with the “Pemamo” logo. This allowed HJB SA to concentrate exclusively on the production techniques and development of expandable honing tools we know today.

In 1988, Mr Laurent Juillerat, the son of Mr Henri Juillerat, and his partner Mr Charles-André Voirol took over the management of HJB SA. Mr Laurent Juillerat invested in the improvement of production systems and the development of new types of honing tools, for instance the 0.6 mm and 0.7 mm diameter honing tools – these being the smallest expandable honing tools in the world ! Absolute precision tools for production in the µ range.

In 2001 HJB SA further invested in a modern electroplating plant, this is In addition to the metal-bonded honing tools that have been produced for decades, all electroplated diamond and CBN honing tools can now be manufactured in-house. With this addition HBJ SA takes control of the complete manufacture of tools in house, saving time and improving quality !

New owners with the same know-how and passion

In September 2020, after more than 30 years of passionate research, product development and production, Mr Laurent Juillerat has handed over his life’s work to new owners MU-Tools who are equally passionate about precision and craftsmanship.  Mr Alain Grimm, who has many years of experience in the field of honing, joins forces with Mr Martin Boeni, owner and general manager of BBN Mécanique SA, a company specialising in the manufacture and overhaul of high-precision spindles, to take over HJB SA.


In order to bring the new company as close as possible to its core business, the new owners have decided to rename the new venture” Mu-Tools SA” (pronounced “µ-tools”).

The new team are keen to continue the work carried out by Henri and Laurent Juillerat over the decades and to further develop diamond / CBN tools for a variety of applications such as honing, grinding and polishing.

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