Blind hones

Galvanic honing tools

Rodoir 1004 - Mu-Tools - Bôle Suisse

The 1004 hone is a galvanic honing tool for blind bores.

It starts at a diameter of 1.5 mm, which makes it the smallest expandable micron-by-micron blind honing tool in the world.

The design of this honing tool allows the material to be machined right down to the bottom of the bore and guarantees constant parallelism from the beginning to the end of the bore, with or without clearance groove.

Metal bond honing tools

Rodoir 1000 - Mu-Tools - Bôle Suisse

The 1000 hone is a metal honing tool for blind bores, mainly used for finishing, superfinishing or soft, non-ferrous materials.

It starts at a diameter of 2.0 mm and can be manufactured every hundredth of a micron, which allows bore geometries in the micron range to the final dimension requested by the customer.

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