3 questions to Alain Grimm, CEO of Mu-Tools

If you had to retain only 3 assets for these machines, what would they be?

Our machines are designed for simple use. Repeat a dimension and geometry in the micron. Fully integrated filtration system in the machine.

How will these honing machines simplify the lives of your customers and operators?

The configuration is intuitive and does not require a great knowledge of honing. Visual aids are available to help the operator adjust their machining parameters.

When and in which country will the first Mµ-HS1 or Mµ-HS2 be delivered?

The first Mµ-HS1 machine will be delivered to England in early April for a first presentation at the MACH 2022 exhibition in Birmingham from 4 to 8 April at booth 19-310.

Alain Grimm - CEO Mu-Tools
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